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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One of the most important things that concerns all users of smartphones and Tablets or even laptops and other devices that operates on battery is the period that the device works depending on the battery, so it would be very helpful to make this duration longer and doesn't take long to recharge.

A few days technical Arabic sites released a story about a chemistry student “Maher Alqadi” who could invent a new technology lets you charge your battery in a period between 30 seconds and 60 seconds to last for 24 hours and this is based on a substance called (Graphene).

Graphene is a two-dimensional material composed of carbon discovered by Russian scientists (André GIM and Constantin Novolsilov), before they get it in a special way and get the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. This material considered as “miracle” by all measures taking into account the numerous applications that can be added to the industry because of the transparent and flexibility features of Graphene, that enables to use it in manufacturer of touch screens and lighting panels and photovoltaic cells in addition to gas sensors and electronics industry with high flexibility and folding and the possibility of its use in the aviation industry, space and plastic industries giving great flexibility for Graphene.

This Egyptian technique based on Graphene material enabled to light a lamp for 6 minutes after three seconds of charging in what might be considered the first practical application of this material and which opens new horizons.

After the student Maher Alqadi discovered this technique it seems the issue of charging the batteries wouldn’t remain in these difficult and complex, especially at the time where we wait for our batteries to be charged before use.

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