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New leaks about the P40 Pro's phone cameras

Two days ago some information was leaked about the P40 phone cameras, which will be three rear cameras and two cameras for the selfie. Today, some information about the P40 Pro phone cameras has been leaked. Information indicates that the phone will have four rear cameras, one of which is a Periscope lens, which will help to optical zoom up to 10x without losing accuracy. The other three cameras are a main camera, a wide-angle camera and a camera to improve depth in the images. As for the front cameras, they are similar to the P40 phone, a regular camera and a wide-angle camera. We notice from the picture that the phone will come in five colors, which are gray, blue, white, gold and black. More...

To the fans of the Pocophone F1

More than a year ago, Xiaomi launched a new phone under the name Poco F1, and what distinguishes this phone is that it is a flagship phone in every sense of the word and at a price that does not exceed $ 300, as it achieved huge sales for the Xiaomi company and is still sold so far in some countries. Today, in a tweet on Twitter to the CEO of Xiaomi in India, he has officially announced that the Poco brand will become a brand independent of Xiaomi and will have a completely private factory as Redmi, which is one of the most important companies in the global smartphone manufacturing and is the most important branch of Xiaomi. This talk means that we may see more than one phone under the brand Poco and therefore we will see more smartphones that will have great specifications and at a ve More...

The announcement of the Oppo F15 phone

Oppo announced a new phone in the F series, the F15, which is similar to the Oppo A91 The phone comes with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution that includes a small notch at the top that has a 16MP front camera, and the fingerprint sensor is located within the screen. On the back, there are four cameras, the first 48MP and the second 8MP for wide-angle shoot, and the third 2MP for close-up and fourth 2MP  for improved depth in images. In terms of performance, the phone will offer an average performance with the helio P70 chip with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal memory The 4000mAh phone battery supports 20W fast charging The price of the phone is about $ 300 and it will be available on the market on the 24th of this month. More...

Doogee S95 Pro is one of the best phones that are resistant to difficult conditions

The Doogee S95 Pro is one of the phones that was announced recently and that endures the most difficult conditions and is suitable for people who travel a lot as the phone comes with the IP69K standard, which means that the phone is dust and water resistant at 80 degrees, which is the first phone that comes with this standard Screen phone measuring 6.3-inch Full HD + IPS-LCD display protected with Gorilla Glass 4 and contains a small notch at the top that includes a 16MP front camera The phone comes with Helio P90 chip with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory with Android 9 system There are three rear cameras: 48MP, 8MP wide-angle, and the third 8MP for improved depth in photos. The phone comes with a 5150mAh battery that supports 24W fast charging The phone supports the installatio More...

A leaked image of the Huawei P40 phone ... only three rear cameras

Almost three months, we were separated from the announcement of the Huawei P40 series of phones, which will provide us with powerful cameras in partnership with Leica, and some time ago some photos were leaked showing that the phone will carry four rear cameras, but today a picture emerged showing that the phone only has three cameras which is a mine camera, and a camera For wide-angle photography, ToF camera supports up to 3X optical zoom From the front, the phone will have two cameras for the selfie within a hole in the top left of the screen, and since the other camera is for wide-angle photography, which means capturing more space or a larger group selfie. We recall that the phone will come with a Kirin 990 chip, 8GB RAM, and 256GB internal memory. The phone will also come with a More...

The OnePlus 8 Pro test result appears

It seems that the OnePlus company is preparing to announce the series of OnePlus 8 phones, as it will launch three phones, which are OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Lite, and OnePlus 8 Pro as it wants to expand more in the smartphone market. Today, the result of the OnePlus 8 Pro test appeared, as it will carry a Snapdragon 865 chip, 12GB RAM, 512GB internal memory, and a QHD + screen operating at 120Hz. It is also expected that the OnePlus 8 Lite phone carried the Dimensity 800 chip from MediaTek, which is a bold step taken by One Plus. The phone will be announced soon in conjunction with Samsung's announcement of the Galaxy S20 series phones More...

MediaTek announces the Hileo G70 chip for mid-range phones

A while ago, MediaTek announced the Hileo G90 chip and the first phone to use this chip was the Redmi Note 8 Pro phone, which ranked the best mid-range phones in performance for 2019 as the processor adopted water cooling technology and the performance of the phone in games was more than wonderful, but today it has been announced On the Hileo G70, it is less performance than the G90, as it is intended for weak mid-range phones. As for the chip, it includes an eight-core processor with two cores Cortex A75 with a frequency of 2GHz and 6 cores Cortex A55 at a frequency of 1.7GHz in addition to that it is based on 12nm technology, and the graphics processor is Mali-G52 that runs all the games smoothly and with full HD The chip will support a 48MP camera or two 16MP cameras in addition to  More...

Black Shark 3 is coming, with 16GB RAM

The Black Shark phone from the Xiaomi company is one of the most important phones specialized in games, as these phones have become the focus of many, especially after the great development in games on the Android, and the Black Shark 2 phone ranks first among the phones in terms of performance in games. Today new leaks have emerged stating that the Black Shark 3 phone, which will come later this year, will have 16GB RAM, which is very large bug for Android phones, as Google said that 6GB RAM is sufficient for all Android applications to run smoothly, but from the corporate point of view, including Xiaomi, the user wants more RAM in order to run more than one game at one time and facilitate navigation between them, so Xiaomi decided to make the new generation of gaming phones have the lar More...

Real photos of the Galaxy S20 + 5G (previously Galaxy S11 + 5G)

A major change to the Galaxy S series from Samsung, as the expected Galaxy S11 phone has become named Galaxy S20, as this change is in the interest of Samsung. As for the pictures, they are just like the previously leaked pictures. From the back, there are four cameras within a frame, and from the front there is one camera within a hole in the screen. As for the specifications, as they were leaked in terms of chip, RAM capacity and storage, with the possibility of some changes in cameras. The phone will be announced in February. More...

Gionee Steel 5 has a 5000mAh battery

Recently we haven't heard much about Gionee phones as the company is restructuring the company in order to improve its products, and it seems that the first step is the announcement of the Gionee Steel 5 phone that comes with modest specifications but with a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, which has become the duration of the phone's operation and the speed of charging the battery of the most important  The advantages that companies compete today. The phone comes with a 6.2-inch screen with HD + IPS-LCD type and has a small notch at the top that includes a 13MP front camera. At the back, there is a box that has two cameras, the first 13MP and the second 2MP to improve the depth in pictures, in addition to LED lights The chip that the phone possesses is unknown, but it includes an More...

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