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5.5 IPhone 6 will called “IPhone 6L”

5.5 IPhone 6 will called “IPhone 6L”

Apple is expected to break from tradition and release two new phones with two different screen sizes this year. Multiple reports say Apple will re more ...

Frustrated mom develops an app “Parents, you’ll not be ignored anymore!”

Frustrated mom develops an app “Parents, you’ll not be ignored anymore!”

It should come as no surprise to parents or teenagers alike, when the parent calls or texts, the kids very often ignore their mom or dad. This is no more ...

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Latest Features
Duo camera (Camera Features)

That means two cameras at the back of the device, one of them is the main and the other to help in focus operation by measuring the objects distance from the phone.

2560 ×1440 (Display Resolution)

1440 × 2560 (Display Resolution)

Selective Focus (Camera Features)

A feature that allows user to focus on far or near things after taking the photo as the user want.

Private Mode (Novel Features)

a mode that allows to protect privat files (photos, sounds, data) with a password. These protected files showed when this mode is activated and be hidden when it's not.

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