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A Pakistani scientist succeeded in extending the battery life of devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry up to 12 times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
The titans of innovation behind the iPhone couldn’t find a way to reduce power consumption of the “power-sucking” device to increase battery life, but someone did...

Atif Shamim, a Pakistani electronics PhD student at Carleton University has created an amazing new invention involves a packaging technique to connect the antenna with the circuits via a wireless connection using a micro-antenna embedded within the circuits on the chip.

This technique has not been tried before. It has replaced wires and a bunch of other components where the power gets lost.
Atif Shamim estimates his module consumes 12 times less power than the traditional, wired-transmitter module. It is also much simpler in design, lowering the overall cost of any hand-held device.

Earlier this year, the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation honored Mr. Shamim and Mr. Arsalan as student researchers of the year for their work in the field of wireless biomedical sensors.

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