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Monday, January 28, 2013

Huawei had done very good last year; their smartphone shipments grew 89.5% year-over-year, which made the company grab 4.9% of the market, and to be in the 3ed place in the last Q4 of year 2012.

Also Sony came after Huawei in the fourth place, where they shipped 9.8 million smartphones and managed to hold 4.5% of the market share, and their growth was 55.6% YOY.


For the full year market study Samsung Got the first place with a total smartphones market share of 39.6%, and Apple came after in the second place with a market share of 25.1%, and after them came Nokia, HTC and RIM in the 3ed, 4th, and 6th place respectively.


And regarding the total number of phones sold in Q4 2012, Samsung also came in the first place with a total of 111.2 million unite, Nokia came second with 86.3 units sold, and Apple in the third place with 47.8 units sold.


Also Samsung lead the list in the number of phones sold in year 2012 with 23.7% sold of all phones that year, after it Nokia came with 19.3% of the market, and Apple 8% of the market.


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