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Apple apologizes to China

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Apple has issued an official apology on her China website, after China’s media made a harsh attack on Apple regarding their Warranty policy for iPhone 4 and 4S in Chins.

Apple policy in China is difference from their policy in USA in that instead of replacing the phones entirely, which require the company to reset the one year warranty period from the point as per Chinese Law, Apple was simply choosing to replace key components.

Apple had addressed the issue by changing the following:

  1. changing the iPhone 4 and 4S repair policy,
  2. providing clear repair and warranty replacement statement on the website to avoid further confusion
  3. Increase the training of the Apple Authorized Service Provider and ensure customers are able to easily contact Apple Feedback Service if necessary.

So now starting April 2013 Apple will replace iPhone 4 or 4S instead of going with the option of replacing all your components and then reset your warranty to one year. and if it's just a couple of components that need fixing only those will be replaced and given the 90-day warranty on replacement parts.

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