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Apple releases the iOS 6.1.4 update for the iPhone 5

Monday, May 13, 2013

Apple has launched a new update version 6.1.4 for its smart phone iPhone 5.
This new update from Apple is exclusively for smart phones will not be disclosed to any other iOS devices. Apart from that, this new update not come with a .big changes, is devoted largely to improve the performance of audio amplifiers. It is not normal to see Apple launches exclusive updates for certain devices

There are two ways for an update of the iOS 6.1.4, which has a volume of nearly 18.5 MB, first way belonging to update the phone through the air directly. Update will be downloaded and installed automatically, after that the device will restart himself, and in doing so they are a sign that the update has been
successfully installed.

Alternatively, you can update your iPhone 5 by connecting with Windows or the Mac and run the latest version of the iTunes application.

For the application tells you that a new update was released, then you can download the update through iTunes application that will automatically install the update as well.

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