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Ubuntu Touch soon on smart phones and tablet

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
News was released from Canonical” company -Ubuntu software producer- in January that “Ubuntu Touch” will be available for smart phones this year, followed by news about the devices that contain this system will be available in the markets by October. Through his blog, Rick Spencer one of the engineers who worked on the project Ubuntu Touch said that they are working on the copy version usable by the end of May and it has to be tested day after day to deliver it to the stage of stability and outfitted for use fully. However, it is not expected to replace Android with this system soon and it will take a while and this still in its early days in the testing phase. Spencer Said that if it continued as planned, the phones that are running Ubuntu in the end of the month will be able to send and receive messages, and use the Wi-Fi networks and 3G to surf the Internet and dealing with contacts and the use of sensors and retention of data. The user after the updating of the system and these fundamentals will be available with the absence of other properties such as installing software, camera phone is not working, and this will be a step to improve the system and outfitted to launch the next October.

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