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Nokia introduces Nokia Point & Find, a new way to connect with information and services on the go

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Nokia launched their new Point & Find service into beta today that allows you to snap a photo of something and be directed to relevant information and content on the internet.

The beta of Point & Find is available in the UK and US and is focused on movies but the service will expand into other fields and countries.

With Point & Find service you can point your camera phone at a poster for a new movie, then you can watch the trailer, read reviews, and find the closest cinema where it is playing, taking advantage of the GPS capabilities of the phones.

As a fallback, there's a category specific text search in case you have nothing handy to photograph.

It can also recognize barcodes so you can scan the barcode of a product and get product reviews and other info.

Nokia Point & Find uses advanced real time image processing and recognition technologies to link the user to digital content and services.

When the phone is pointed at an object, Nokia Point & Find uses a variety of the phone's capabilities including the camera, internet connectivity, and GPS positioning to evaluate the object. Then, by rapidly searching through a database of virtually tagged items, the system identifies the object and returns a set of links to associated content and services.

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