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Foxconn hired 3,000 software engineer to support FireFox OS system

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Although FireFox OS operating system for smart phones may be relatively new, many manufacturers such as Alcatel, ZTE, and maybe Sony support for this system, and maybe help it to prominence among a sea of devices that support the Android OS.

Now, it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn wants a piece of the action too, because, according to some reports, it seems that Foxconn company hired 3,000 software engineer where they are expected to be experts in HTML 5 and cloud computing. In fact, Foxconn Corporation was known primarily for making various iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, but lately the company has been looking for alternative ways to make money, and the ultimate reduction of dependence on Apple. 

Not verified what the company Foxconn would do with software engineers, but there are only two possibilities, it can be a Foxconn plans to design software with its brand, the second possibility is that the Foxconn company want programmed numerous applications for FireFox to increase the uptake of supported devices in the system. In both cases, we have to wait and see what was on the minds of senior executives at Foxconn. Until then, what is your belief? Do you think that FireFox OS system is the next big thing?

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