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The next Motorola smartphone always obey commands

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A video sneaked about the next Motorola smartphone "Moto x"next to the phone that has not been made or unveiled, will include several new software features, it will be always ready to receive voice commands without having to press any button. Promo video clip appeared for the phone on the YouTube page of the Canadian company "Rogers", that explain the phone features developed by Motorola in cooperation with Google since the last acquired it last year.

Although the video does not detect the hardware phone features such as screen size and processor, it revealed some features code believed to be standard in the next versions of the Android OS, where it is believed that the phone is running Android version 2.7 officially unreleased. The voice command feature is allows user to voice search Android service known as "Google now" without pressing any button, which will feature in the phone Moto x ready to listen to orders, and everything the user has done is give the command "OK Google now", and then ask the question you want to answer it.

The phone has according to the video a feature called "active or live update", a notification appears on the screen for a few seconds and then disappear, and appear to the user application's icon to alert in addition to the time. The video also reveals a new way of operating the camera by moving the wrist twice, as an easy way to quickly activate the camera to take pictures. It also became possible to capture by clicking anywhere on the screen, without having to press the capture button. And the constant pressure on the screen to capture a sequence of images. The Declaration said that the device is coming to Canada in August and it will be available in black and white, although the previous leaks indicated that it would be customizable with multiple colors if the device over the Internet.

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