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Samsung’s Solar Crest & Blue Earth, solar-powered handsets.

Saturday, April 11, 2009
At the WMC 2009, Samsung showed its conception of future handsets with solar panels, thanks to any device that should be able to gain enough power for its main functions with energy from the sun.

The Solar Crest shows the right place for this technology. It debuts in Pakistan, where cases of electricity shortages are registered relatively often. The model itself doesn’t have any interesting specs – a color display, FM radio, flashlight, polyphonic ringtones, and Qibla detection. Of course, the coolest feature is that after only ten minutes of charging under the sun, you will be able to talk for as long as three minutes. We don’t know if this high-tech miracle would be released in other countries besides Pakistan, but we definitely hope that the technology will become more popular in the near future.

Now, one of the strangest phones at the MWC 2009, the prototype of the Samsung Blue Earth does not rely on a two-digit number of megapixels, HD capabilities or a revolutionary operating system, but it does manage to attract the attention of the common user, because it’s made of recycled materials, so it aims at saving the planet.

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