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Nokia Launches "Lumia Amber" Update for Windows Phone 8

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nokia announced the start of launching "Lumia Amber" update for "Lumia" smartphones with Windows phone 8 OS.

The company said on its website that the update script "Amber" brings a set of improvements and new features to phones "Lumia", and the update will include the next versions: 920, 820, 720, 620, 520, 928, 822, 521 and 810. The "Amber" update provides "Lumia" phones camera performance improvements when taking photos in low light conditions or using the auto-focus feature, and improves the quality of scanned images, especially in terms of color contrast.

Now, all "Lumia" phones users, after installing the new update, can download "Smart Camera" application which allows additional features when you use the camera like to take pictures of moving objects or take better photos for groups. On the other hand, users of the versions 920, 925, and 928 would be able to download Nokia Pro Camera application which allows them to record video clips, edit it, and upload directly to YouTube.

Nokia said that the new update will bring both the "FM Radio" and "Glance Screen", the first feature brings, to the Finnish company phones, local radio stations broadcasting on FM to all phones except "Lumia 620", the second brings a traditional lock screen feature that contain clock and battery power indicator and this feature not available for "Lumia 520".

The "Amber" update brings "Flip it" feature that lets "Lumia" users to make any incoming call ringing silent without having to touch any button through the flipping the phone upside down, as it offers the user the possibility of unlocking the screen by clicking twice on the screen.

Nokia launches a special page, via the support site, to allow all "Lumia" users to know date of updates in their country, or get the update, if available. The update became available to "Lumia 920" phone in most Gulf States, while Nokia still cooperate with Telecom service providers currently to provide the update to the rest of the phones.

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