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UAE leads the world in smartphones using And Saudi Arabia the third

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The United Arab Emirates had the world's highest smartphone penetration rate in the first quarter, at 73.8 percent, reports Statista, citing Our Mobile Planet by Google. The UAE was closely followed by South Korea (73%) and Saudi Arabia (72.8%), then Singapore (67.5%) and Norway (67.5%). The next ten top countries by smartphone penetration were Australia (64.4%), Sweden (62.9%), Hong Kong (62.8%), UK (62.2%), and Denmark (59%). Not expected that USA is not in the top ten countries in smartphone penetration, in spite of the face that USA is the source of many smartphones operating systems like “Android”, “iOS”, “Windows Phone”, it comes 13th in this report with a rate of 56.4% of people using smartphones.

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