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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dutch Designer launched the innovative idea for Smartphone with updated components can be changed individually, in an attempt to reduce electronic waste. The idea received the attention of tens of millions of people around the world.

Estimated amount of waste generated by cell phones which are not valid in about hundreds of millions of tons annually, utilizing a small proportion of them.

This problem captured the mind of Dutch Designer Dave Hakenz who figured out this innovative idea, and unveiled a new smartphone model named Phonebloks which can change all pieces to update specifications easily and without the need for prior experience.

Owner can replace the screen with other greater accuracy, or increase the capacity of the internal memory or a higher capacity battery. The wizard also can change most quickly by removing the old Widget and add a new widget to the base pieces.

Dutch Designer has developed a vision of how to move from selling smart phones to sell separate pieces more sophisticated, allowing users to create phones that fit their needs, through the provision of dedicated Web sites run by the company that will manufacture the phone.

In order to make attention of phone manufacturers to adopt his legitimate, Hakenz established a Web page especially inviting interested users to participate in a campaign on social networking at the end of October.

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