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Samsung upcoming phones

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

As we talked about Apple’s new phones for the next year, now it is time to see what Samsung could introduce next year in their phones. it seems like Samsung is working on three-sided wraparound screen that probably will be available in its Galaxy series in 2014, the new screen will let the user read his notification from the side, so for example when the phone is in your pocket you will be able to check the notification just by sliding it a little bit up, and of course the side screen will be touch sensitive also.

At Samsung Analyst day, the company announced that they will bring fully-foldable screens to Samsung smartphones as well as wearable (like Samsung Galaxy Gear).

So  Starting next year and running into 2015, the company will focus on curved and bended displays, with an action-bubbled "technology barrier" overlapping with the introduction of fold-able screens.

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