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How to revive your Phone from water

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How many time did you drop your phone in water or spilled your soft drink accidentally over it? Let’s put some guide lines for how to act when that happens to prevent permanent phone damage:

  1. First thing you want to do is to remove the battery immediately to prevent short circuit, and in case you don’t have a removable battery like in case of iPhone and Nokia Lumia turn off your phone immediately.
  2. Remove any peripherals and attachments on your phone, such as cases.
  3. Extract the SIM card and any SD cards it carries, leaving ports or covers on your handset open to aid ventilation.
  4. Dry off everything with a towel, and then put the phone in a bowel of dry rice for a day or two so that the rice absorbs all the moisture.

What I don’t recommend is the use of hairdryer to dry off the phone as the heat will damage the phone permanently.

We also want to note that there is liquid contact indicator that manufacturer put on their devices in hidden places that turn red when it comes in contact with water, so they can use it when deciding warranty claims.

In this context there is news about a 20 year old inventor called Oliver Murphy had invented a new way to rescue damaged phones from this kind of accidents.

Oliver used to repair damaged phones; he came across hundreds of water-damaged phones and decided to find a solution, so after doing lots of research he found special solution that you can immerse the phone in for seven minutes and it will be as good as new, the product will be costing £14.99, and he had already applied for a patent, the inventor said that he can’t guarantee that this way will rescue all phones “due to the Varied circumstances of water damage”, but he said that it will revive 70% of cases and promised to give money back in case it didn't work.

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