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Google Glasses to control your Hyundai car

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hyundai said that some cars of the new generation will be able to connect to Google's Smart Glass through application will be launched alongside the Genesis Sedan, the car is the first car from Hyundai will be compatible with Google Glass glasses. Genesis Sedan car and Google Glass glasses owners will be able by 2015 to control some of the features of the car via the smart glass, where they can find their car through the glasses, turn on the car automatically through glasses too, in addition to the ability to send data to the navigation system, and open and lock doors.

Hyundai car will also be able to send alerts to glasses to inform car owners that the car needs maintenance. This is the currently features released for now, Hyundai mentions to add several other features, so you may see some new features in the future.

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