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NTT DoCoMo develops new sound technology for conference calls and gaming on phones

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Japan's NTT DoCoMo announced that it has developed a new technology for mobile phones that will allow users to assign different virtual positions, spatially, to various sound sources when wearing stereo headphones.

For example, this would allow different parties in a conference call to sound as if they were sitting at a table in front of the user. One caller might sound as if he were across from the user, while others could sound as if they were sitting to the user's left or right.

DoCoMo also suggests that the technology might be useful for listening to two totally separate sound sources at one time, such as listening to music or a sporting event broadcast while speaking with somebody on a regular call.

The company says that it plans to develop the technology for "eventual commercialization", and expects to see application of the technology in gaming, conference calls, and tele-education. DoCoMo is planning to demonstrate the technology during the Wireless Technology Park 2009 event in Japan this week.

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