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Wysips:A solar battery charging solution

Monday, January 20, 2014

Battery charging solutions is booming these days, we saw wireless charging which is now adopted by many manufacturers, but it is still not as good as you wish, where it is still limited by the need to put the device on the charging plate. a new technology is being developed by SunPartner Technologies and 3M, the new technology, named “Wysips”, will allow smartphone battery to stay longer, and not need to charging that often just by exposing to sun or any artificial light.

Wysips is a thin clear layer of crystal glass that can be embedded into small screens like watches, phones, or tablets, and it starts charging the battery anytime artificial or natural light shines on the phone’s screen.

The new technology will not be able to charge your phone fully, it will be like a small push for your dying battery until you find a power plug, where it can charge the battery about 15% in a typical phone after an hour of sun exposure, that is an additional 10 minutes of talk time or 20 minutes of music listening.

But the company said that they are still working to improve the technology. And they said that the technology will be available in phones probably in 2015, and it could be a device from Huawei.

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