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Google infringes SimpleAir patent

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Google had lost a case in front of a company called SimpleAir, for infringing a patent they have regarding Android push notification function, the patent they have describes "a system and method for data communication connecting on-line networks with on-line and off-line computers".

SimpleAir said that Google Cloud Messaging and Android Cloud to Device Messaging infringed the patent: "the services are used by Google to process and send instant notifications for Android applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail," the company said.

The court ruled in favor of SimpleAir, but it didn’t decide yet on how much to award in damages, SimpleAir said that they will seek for $125m.

In addition to Google, SimpleAir is suing other Android handset manufacturers including Samsung, Google-owned Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and HTC, as well as Microsoft and Nokia.

And they sued and settled with Apple and Blackberry in the past regarding the same patent.

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