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Microsoft My Phone freely opened to all Windows Mobile users

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
My Phone is the latest Windows Mobile service by Microsoft allowing users to backup their phone files and personal info online. The service was launched back in February (among other services provided by WinMo 6.5), but it's only now that it's finally opened to everyone with Windows Mobile devices without the bugging invitation procedure, all you need to access it is a Windows Live account.

My Phone can perform daily backup of all data on your Windows Mobile device - from the contacts to the multimedia content. There is a limit of course and it's 200MB of storage, which we can say is pretty enough for the critical info.

The backup content can be accessed later online or can be used to restore your data to a new device if, for instance, you misplace yours.

This service enables you to view and manage phone information by using a web browser. In your web account, you can add, edit, and delete contacts and calendar appointments, and the changes will appear on your phone the next time that you sync.

My Phone most probably will be integrated with the upcoming, but already became popular Windows 7 desktop OS, and will be available as a standard option when you connect a Windows Mobile device.

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