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Chinese Government: Apple products are not banned

Monday, August 18, 2014

It turns out that a previous report that the Chinese Government had banned its employees from using Apple products isn’t entirely correct, says China’s chief procurement center.

The confusion was a result of Apple products, including computers and iPads, removal from a Government list of approved devices. However, it turns out that Apple had never applied to be on the Chinese Government’s list of approved devices to begin with.

The list that Apple was seemingly left out of is one that involves energy-efficient devices:

"Even though Apple has the certification for energy-saving products... it has never provided the necessary verification material and agreements according to the regulations," – a Finance Ministry representative.

Chinese Government officials may still purchase and use Apple products, even if they aren’t energy-saver approved.

Another factor that contributed to the belief that the Chinese Government banned sales of Apple devices was, for a short time, sales of Apple products through a Chinese Government website lately were stopped. Individuals were able to resume purchasing Apple products through the website beginning today. The stop in sales was due price adjustments, however, and not related to any issues with threats to Chinese National Security.

This means that Apple and Apple suppliers have nothing to fear in the region, and that Chinese government officials will continue to be able to use the Cupertino-based tech giant's wares as much as they wish.

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