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Qualcomm Commences Manufacturing Mirasol Displays

Monday, June 8, 2009
Qualcomm recently revealed that it has begun manufacturing the first wave of its power-efficient mirasol displays.

Mirasol display work differently than normal LCDs in that they don't emit their own light, rather they reflect the light surrounding it via moving mirrors. The mirasol display only draws power to move the mirrors, and this makes them highly efficient.

Qualcomm said it expects the first wave of products to incorporate the full-color mirasol displays should be in the market by the end of 2009.

How mirasol Displays Work:
The core building block from which Qualcomm mirasol displays are made is the Interferometric Modulator (IMOD) which is a simple device that is composed of two conductive plates with an air gap between them.
These plates are pulled together or separated according to voltage, so they absorb light or reflect it (i.e. they act like micro-electro-mechanical mirrors).
The color of the IMOD element is determined by the size of the gap between the plates (the blue IMOD element has the smallest gap, and the red has the largest one).
To create a flat panel display, a large array of IMOD elements are fabricated in the desired format and packaged.

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