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Windows 10 Update will come, soon!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Microsoft has recently issued a technical beta version of Windows 10 system. This new system from Microsoft comes to a very wide range of devices, which will include desktop and laptop computers , as well as the iPhone Windows phones and tablets .

Today Microsoft has decided to break her silence and confirmed that it will provide the update version of Windows 10 for all those Phones working with Windows system 8 Lumia phones, including branded Nokia Lumia or Microsoft Lumia.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 in the next year, and it has provide no information about the date of releasing this particular system so far, this system was designed to act as a single platform compatible with a wide range of devices in order to unify the user experience across multiple platforms .

Anyway, we will provide you with the latest information as soon as we get more information about when it will be released, and also some information about the new operating system.


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