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IPhone 6 at first in the list of search of Google in 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Google has announced the most search words on the Google search engine in 2014 under the title of “A Year in Search” where got the phone from Apple iPhone 6 in the first place.

In the second place the recently special Samsung Galaxy S5, followed by the new Google phone Nexus 6 in third place followed by the best-selling phone to Motorola Company Moto G.

Galaxy S5 was not the only phone to Samsung which appeared in the list, Galaxy Note 4 take a place too in the fifth place, then comes the first phone from a large company with Quad HD display LG G3 in the sixth place in the Google list of most-searched in 2014.

Perhaps the problem of bend problem of iPhone 6 Plus has greatly helped Apple to get its first place in the Google search or we can say that the large number of rumors and leaks its own may have contributed to the appearance of iPhone 6 as the most word in the search.

In the list were only two devices which are not smartphones and they are Xbox One of the famous gaming platform and also smartwatch from Apple “Apple Watch.”

Full list was is as follows

1.iPhone 6

2.Samsung Galaxy S5

3.Nexus 6

4.Moto G

5.Samsung Note 4

6.LG G3

7.Xbox One

8.Apple Watch

9.Nokia X

10.iPad Air

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