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RingDroid allows Android users to create their own ringtones

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You’ve certainly experienced one of those cases when you have this really cool song and want to assign it as a ringtone, but the problem is that the part of it you love the most begins somewhere around 1:36… Well, for those cases, you can now use RingDroid – an application for Android that allows you to quickly and easily manipulate any of your existing songs on your Android phone and make shorter clips perfect for ringtones.

The interface is pretty simple. The song appears as a waveform and you have two sliders that are used to mark the start and end points. You can also zoom in or out for a better view. Once you have selected the part that you wish to be your new ring tone, you simply save it.

Ringdroid is also equipped with a Record button on the app interface, letting you lay down your own sounds from scratch. Unfortunately it misses the ability to fade in and out, loop, and equalize song selections, but its ease of use and flexibility in saving audio snippets as more than just ringtones make it an instant must-have app.

You can use RingDroid to edit WAV, MP3, 3GP and AMR audio files.

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