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HTC Announces About HTC Uh OH To Repair Smartphones

Friday, March 20, 2015

HTC Corporation has announced about its new program , which carries the name of HTC Uh Oh.

It should be noted that the new program HTC Uh OH gives to the owners of the phone HTC One M9 free protection or rather free repair for a whole year and this covers things like cracking of screen or water damage.

HTC Corporation has another incentive to make sure that people do not neglect the HTC phones One M9 their own after it became clear that they will receive a free repair for a whole year, and that incentive is in the determination of HTC Corporation to provide $ 100 free for people who have not benefited from HTC Uh Oh program in the first twelve months when they want to buy the next HTC One.

It should be noted that the new support program will be available in the United States only, and so far there are no details about whether it will be expand this program to include other countries.

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