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Dyson Energy Bracelet harness energy from you and powers handsets

Thursday, June 25, 2009
The whole world is in a huge race looking for better and cheaper energy sources, while mobile manufacturers are looking for new ways to charge mobile batteries. as you read before, Samsung launched the first solar powered cell phone, and Nokia is developing a new technology to charge cell phones with wireless radio waves. So far so good, but what about using humans as energy sources for machines!!!

The Dyson Energy Bracelet is a gadget that you strap on your wrist to harness energy from the hot and cold differences in your temperature, and power your mobile for a few precious minutes more, when you desperately need it.

It's a pretty neat concept that implements the thermoelectric effect which is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa. And this typically includes three separately identified effects: Seebeck, Peltier, and Thomson effects.

Basically the temperature difference between the surface of the gadget that touches your skin and the ambient air allows producing electricity and storing it in a battery. And using the microUSB port, you'll be able to charge your phone.

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