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Battery Go! App for the iPhone tracks your power consumption

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Smart phones have a tendency to be power hungry; requiring more power usage in order to sustain a consistent working condition. The iPhone is one device that always seems to be placed on the spotlight when it comes to this issue.

You’d probably be amazed if you could manage your iPhone meticulously so you can keep track how much juice you have left. The Battery Go app will display your current power level based on your usage and how much is left depending on what you plan on doing. From web, phone, music, and video use, the app will show you by the minute how much time you have left before the lights go out.

Wondering about how accurate the app is with real world results? Apparently Collegekidapp.com, the creator of the app, states that it is pretty accurate in determining the battery consumption. So maybe now you won't have to rely on your keen senses anymore and let an app do it for you.

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