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OnePlus 2 Camera Samples Compared With Samsung Galaxy S6 And Iphone6

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yesterday, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had released a few pictures of the OnePlus 2 which were directly compared with the iPhone 6. The photos specifically focused on the night time camera performance of both the handsets and in most cases, OnePlus 2 did a pretty good job of capturing more light, less noise and clicking better pictures. This was basically done to show off the impressive low light performance of the new OnePlus flagship.


OP2 (left) & iPhone 6 (right)

Now, a new set of OnePlus 2 camera samples have been posted on the Chinese OnePlus forums. These images been directly compared with the Samsung Galaxy S6. This time, the company has focused on the macro shooting capability of both the devices.

OP2 (left) vs GS6 (right)

When we compare both the images, you can see that the OnePlus 2 manages to take better macro shots. The colors look a lot brighter and realistic and the images turned out to be less blurry too. In the end, the macro shots of the OnePlus 2 (on the left) come with more detail and sharpness as compared to the S6.

So, it looks like the company may have put a lot of efforts in upgrading the camera on the new OnePlus 2. The low light images turned out to be impressive and so did the macro shots that were released today. As for the actual camera specs, we are still not quite sure. Some say that the OP2 comes with a 13MP sensor and PDAF, while others say that there will be a 16MP rear camera. Whatever the case maybe, it looks like the camera performance will be much better than the current generation OnePlus One.

We hope to receive more details pretty soon, so stay tuned to the website.


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