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ZTE Axon Mini Will Be The First Smartphone With Force Touch Screen

Friday, July 24, 2015

As part of its market expansion strategy ZTE announced three new Axon devices for China - two smartphones and a smartwatch.

The ZTE Axon Mini  was announced as the first phone to feature force touchscreen and will rely on a 5.2" Super AMOLED unit. No other specs have been confirmed at this point. Pricing and availability are a mystery too.

Force Touch screen is quite unique as compared to traditional panels in the sense that users can perform additional gestures just by varying the force with which they press the screen. Its not like your regular long press to open additional dialog which operates by taking into consideration how long your finger is on the screen. Instead, the force touch display can actually measure how hard you are pressing the display. It can differentiate between a light touch and a hard press. So, you can basically assign different functions for varying levels of touch.

It opens up a lot of possibilities, especially in case of apps. For example, he could try out the piano app on the Axon Mini and the sound varies on the basis of the pressure applied. A light touch on the key produced soft sound, while a hard touch produced a much louder tone.

Apart from this amazing feature, we have little details about the new phone. The Axon Mini will come in four different silver, gold, orange and pink. ZTE is expected to release it sometime in September.

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