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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We've already seen Samsung tease the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, which is expected to be unveiled September 3rd in Berlin, the day before the IFA show is set to kick off. We already know that the timepiece will feature a round display, and comes with a metal build. Rotating the bezel will allow users to navigate the UI.

According to a report out of Italy that was published today, the Gear S2 will come with a nano SIM slot allowing the device to connect to a cellular network. This means that users of the watch will be able to make/take calls from their wrist, open apps and browse the web without having to pair with a smartphone. The intelligent time piece will also feature Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Samsung Gear S offers the same functionality, and also has a SIM card slot and Wi-Fi connectivity. While both run on Tizen, and are expected to be priced in a similar range (one rumor has the Gear S2 wearing a price tag equivalent to $462 USD), you would not say that the two look anything alike. The Gear S has a curved rectangular screen in contrast to the rounded design of the sequel.

Before you know it, September 3rd will be here and Samsung will clue us in to all of the specs, pricing and availability of its second stand-alone smartwatch. Stay tuned!

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