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The first motion-controlled headset in the world

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Today Sony Ericsson introduced the world's first motion-controlled headset, the MH907. What does "motion-controlled" exactly mean here? Well, thanks to a technology, called SensMe Control, you won't need any keys in order to play a song or take a call.

The headset will be able to recognize when you have put the earbuds on, thus activating the above-mentioned functionalities. If you place both earbuds in your ears, this will automatically start up the music player, while removing them will pause the song. This, however, is not all - in case you place only one of the earbuds, you will take a call. What's nice is that the Sony Ericsson MH907 is triggered only by body contact, so you wouldn't need to worry about accidentally receiving a call.

As a whole, the idea for such a device is really good and the manufacturer claims that the sound quality is going to be excellent, thanks to the Clear Audio technology. However, the problem is that the MH907 will only work with Sony Ericsson models, since it will use the company's proprietary port. Well, we think we would rather wait until such an accessory arrives with a standard 3.5mm jack.

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