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Apple iPad Pro: all the official images

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Apple finally announced its answer to those sleek convertibles that the Wintel world has been able to churn out with the newest fanless Core M chipsets, and the touch-optimized Windows 10. The new iPad Pro is the largest tablet that Apple has ever made, has the price to match, at $799 base, and the specs to show for it, with an ultra high-res display, blazing chipset, and software optimized for big-screen productivity... or creativity with the accompanying stylus and keyboard accessories.


As far as the design language goes, the iPad Pro follows the general iPad outlines, but, naturally, in a much larger format. It has a premium build, and plenty of ports and speakers all around. Still, it is a brand new iDevice from Apple, unlike what we are used to so far, so if you want to feast your eyes on the upcoming iPad Pro slate juggernaut, take a look at all of its official images that we've rounded up for you below.

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