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Jabra CRUISER, a revolutionary Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone

Monday, October 5, 2009
The double microphone noise isolating technology is a common feature of modern Bluetooth headsets, but Jabra Corporation emphasizes that Jabra CRUISER is the first speakerphone that utilizes this technology. Thanks to it, people you are talking to should be able to hear you loud and clear, by eliminating background noises and echos such as the noise of nearby traffic, revved up motors… etc. all you have to do is to mount it on the visor of your car.

The function called “Voice announcements” allows the Jabra CRUISER to read the name of the caller aloud by matching the caller’s number against your phone contacts. If it doesn’t correspond to previously entered information, you will not hear a name, but the number instead. Moreover, the gadget comes with voice alerts about the battery status and currently connected devices. Finally, the Bluetooth speakerphone supports simultaneous connection to two cell phones.

The Jabra CRUISER sports a built-in FM transmitter, so you can use it to listen to music that’s stored on your cell phone through your car radio. According to the manufacturer, the battery should be able to provide 14 hours of continuous talk time and about 300 in standby. The price of the Jabra CRUSIER is $159.


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