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Apple is having a free ride on Nokia’s back

Monday, October 26, 2009
Nokia filed a lawsuit on Thursday 22/10/2009 in Delaware against Apple claiming that the Cupertino, California based firm had infringed on 10 of Nokia’s patents. The patents deal with technology for devices using GSM, UMTS and LAN standards, according to the Finnish based manufacturer.

The patents cover speech coding, wireless data, security and encryption and are infringed by every iPhone shipped by Apple since the first unit rolled off the assembly line and was shipped back in 2007, but Apple seems to be refusing to pay any licensing fees.

Nokia claims that the use of these technologies has been licensed (for a fee) to all other mobile phone manufacturers since making a modern GSM handset is obviously impossible without using some of those standards that has taken Nokia quite some R&D time and resources to establish.

Ikka Rahnasto, VP for Legal and Intellectual Property for Nokia, said, “By refusing to agree (to) appropriate terms for Nokia’s intellectual property, Apple is attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation.”

The report, written in today’s New York Times, did not mention how much in damages Nokia is seeking from Apple.


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