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New “Eco Friendly” battery concept is finger powered

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Attempting to be greener these days can sometimes prove to be difficult. Though, the concept of using another electrical source to charge a cell phone battery has long been adopted by manufacturers – which doesn’t seem to end in the near future.

Every now and then, they throw at us some other practical way of charging a phone – such as charging cell phones with wireless radio waves or harnessing energy from the differences in human temperature. Fortunately though, one new battery concept aims to mend green technology with a unique twist in the way it gets charged.

Designed by Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee, this concept (although there isn’t a prototype available yet) is to simply let you twirl your cell phone battery around your finger a few times for a quick bit of juice to send a text or make a call.

Designers estimate that 130 twirls will provide roughly two minutes of talking time. At that rate, it would take quite some time to get a decent level of power to make a solid ten minute phone call – still it’s all natural and powered by your index finger and does not require any other electrical source. Just make sure that your finger is in shape if this concept ends up becoming reality.

Source: http://design.fr/product-design/cheers-to-finger-power/
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