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Monday, February 1, 2010
Apple has just published their financial report for the last quarter of last year and it shows that their amazing streak continues. The company posted revenue of 15.68 billion US dollars and a net quarterly profit of 3.38 billion US dollars, which compare really favorably to the numbers from the last three months of 2008 (11.88 billion and 2.26 billion respectively).

One of the main reasons for Apple's astounding success is the 8.7 million iPhones that were sold in the quarter, which is exactly twice as much as in Q4 of 2008. The iPod sales fell 8 percent to 21 million but the 3.36 million Macintosh computers sold during the quarter (a 33 percent growth) more than made up for that.

The company expects its revenue for the first quarter of 2010 to be between 11.0 billion to 11.4 billion US dollars, which would make it the best non-holiday quarter in their history.

Speaking of the holidays... After three successive not-too-kind quarters, Nokia’s phones have been flying off the shelves during the holiday season and the company has ended the year with a net profit of good 1.24 billion US dollars.

Nokia has managed to ship 126.9 million devices in Q4 2009, which is 12% better than Q4 of 2008 and 17% better than Q3 of 2009. Those have generated a revenue of nearly 16.9 billion US dollars (which is a 5.3% decrease Year-on-Year and 22.2% increase Quarter-on-Quarter).

The company estimates its market share to 39%, which is better than both the 37% in Q4 2008 and the 38% in Q3 2009. Based on the full year sales though Nokia estimates its market share to 38%, which is a 1% decrease compared to the whole previous year.

Moving to Samsung, 2009 was a really shiny year for almost all its divisions despite the world financial crisis. And the company managed to ship nearly 227 million units, which is good 16% more than the 196 million phones sold in 2008. Of those 68.8 million were shipped in Q4 alone. That is a 31% increase over the last quarter of 2008 and approximately 14% more than the phones sold in 2009's Q3.

Those have generated operating profit of approximately 850 million US dollars which is a 4% decrease Quarter-on-Quarter (due to the decreased average selling price which dropped in the last quarter in the last quarter by 4% to 115 US dollars). But when it comes to the whole year though, the situation is even better: the operating profit is around 3.56 billion US dollars while in 2008 it was only 2.57 billion US dollars.

Samsung estimates their market share to be about 23%, which is better than both the 18% in Q4 2008 and the 21% in Q3 2009.

Meanwhile Sony Ericsson keeps struggling with the challenging market conditions and recorded another losing quarter to end the 2009. Despite selling half a million handsets more than they did in the Q4 of last year they still scored a loss of 235 million US dollars.

As was to be expected, the holiday season increased the average selling price of the Sony Ericsson devices to 169 dollars and the number of units sold to 14.6 million. Those numbers would have been even higher, had the XPERIA X2 and XPERIA X10 managed to reach the market in time but, alas, they didn't make it in time.

The full 2009 financial report of Sony Ericsson shows that the company managed to ship 57.1 million handsets (41 decrease compared to 2008) for an average price of 167 dollars (2.5% increase). The net loss for the period totals 1.18 billion dollars. Gulp!

Considering that the company has a net cash position of 873 million dollars they have no chance of surviving yet another year like this so let's hope that, for the sake of competition, things start to improve.


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