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Google has given the world its first look at the next version of Android

Thursday, March 17, 2016


A few days ago Google has started rolling out the Developer Preview for the next version of Android which  gives us a sneak peek into what Android 7.0 will eventually look like when it arrives officially later this year.

Google is sending the Developer Preview to developers via an OTA update. By pushing the preview out earlier than usual, it will give Google extra time to listen to feedback and make changes.

The next version of Android, is currently known only as Android N and Google did not reveal what dessert or candy the "N" represents.

Here are biggest changes to Android that Google has introduced with Android N:

1-      Data Saver: this feature will allow Android users to reduce the use of data by apps running in the background.

2-      Multi-window support: this feature will allow users to pop open two apps on the screen at once and run them side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split screen mode.

3-      Notification enhancements: Android N will introduce notifications that customers can reply to inside the notification itself. So if you get a text message, you can hit "reply" right in the notification and start typing without opening up the messaging app.

4-      Enhanced Doze Mode:In Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google introduced Doze, a system mode which put phones into a deep sleep when the device is idle for a while. Now in Android N, Google has improved the feature to save battery while on the go. "A short time after the screen turns off while the device is on battery, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs," adds Google. It points out that on turning the screen on or plugging in the device will bring the device out of Doze automatically.




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