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HTC applies for two new patents (anti-shake system and a new hinge design

Wednesday, April 07, 2010
There's no hiding that HTC is an innovator in hardware designs, but their designers will need to create something vastly different now they're on-board with Windows Phone 7 Series and continue to mingle with other Android handset manufacturers. And that's the reason why they've applied for two new patents.

One of them involves an interesting new clam shell design that hides away the hinges from the outside of the phone – which ultimately would make for a cleaner looking appearance. The two pieces being held together by the hinge (as in the drawing) look to be similar in size which could indicate that they are both touchscreens – undoubtedly it would make for some interesting concepts.

And to solve an ailing problem when it comes to watching videos on the go, HTC has applied for another patent that looks to offer anti-shake capabilities to a handset.

We know that it can become extremely difficult to watch one of your favorite movies during the long subway or car ride to work, but this software would make it just a bit easier to watch something on your mobile phone. Utilizing an accelerometer or other motion sensor on the phone, the software running would detect any movement on the phone when a video is playing and move it accordingly on the screen – basically it would look as though the image will always be stable.

It definitely seems like a neat concept, but at least it won't be too strenuous on your eyes as you try to focus on what's playing on the screen.

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