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Monday, April 26, 2010
It's no secret that Apple are doing pretty well as of late, so their good financial results for the first three months of the year should come as no surprise. The Company recorded revenue of 13.50 billion US dollars and net quarterly profit of 3.07 billion US dollars.

These results compare very favorably to the 9.08 billion dollars of revenue and 1.62 billion dollars of profit achieved in the same quarter of last year. Gross margin has also risen to 41.7 percent, up from 39.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. Also worth noting is that international sales have once again accounted for more than a half of the total revenue (58 percent to be precise)

The number of sold iPhones for the past three months is 8.75 million, which more than twice as much as the same period of last year (3.79 million). A comparison with the previous quarter is not impressive but still favorable (8.73 million iPhones were shipped during the holiday season).

Speaking of good news… Nokia wasn't less lucky than Apple, as they've got their revenue and profit higher than last year's. They scored revenue of 9.52 billion euro (12.86 billion dollars), which is 3% more than Q1 2009. The operating profit reached 488 million euro (659.29 million dollars), which is quite an achievement compared again to the 55 million euro (74.3 million dollars) from the Q1 2009.

Nokia smartphone sales have also jumped almost twice, but the average price for a smartphone dropped with 35 euro down to 155 euro. Despite that, Nokia sold more than 107.8 million phones for the last three months - 16% more than the first quarter last year.

It seems that things have been rosy for other manufacturers too, and after almost two years, Sony Ericsson is back in black with a net profit of 21 million euro (28.37 million dollars) which is not exactly a fortune, but considering analysts were predicting 128 million euro loss (173 million dollars), this small win appears like a huge victory.

When compared to last year's Q1, Sony Ericsson sold 4 million phones less (10.5 vs. 14.5 million) and lost a percent of their global mobile phones sales share (4%, down from 5%). But they still managed to turn a profit this time around, may be because they are moving towards more expensive phones - the Average Selling Price went up to 134 euro (181 US dollars), from 120 euro (162 dollars) from last year.

But this is not everything… Those restructuring charges are finally paying off, and if Sony Ericsson manages to repeat this feat in Q2, then maybe they can finally get on their way to reclaiming lost market share.

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