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MeeGo for handsets makes its first appearance

Sunday, July 4, 2010
As promised, Nokia and Intel have revealed the pre-alpha version of MeeGo for handsets today, supporting the Intel-powered Aava reference phone and the Nokia N900. But what's most interesting at this early stage is the UI, which appears to have taken a big Nokia-influenced step away from the Intel-designed MeeGo netbook and tablet UI. And we're definitely detecting some hints of Android and webOS here and there.

Of course, MeeGo is open-source, so we're sure Nokia has some deeper UI in store, like homescreen widgets, which are notably missing here, as we check out that task switching interface.

On a deeper level, this build of MeeGo includes the base MeeGo APIs, including Qt and the MeeGo touch frameworks, the Firefox-based browser, a photo viewer, and some basic UI elements like the status bar, app launcher, and virtual keyboard.

There are pre-built images for the Atom-based Aava handsets available now, but N900 owners will have to do a little building until someone makes an image available.

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