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Apple: We haven't messed up, it's physics.. but we love you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
No one can claim perfection. There are no perfect phones and of course no perfect manufacturers for every product has a weak spot, but those who are quick to fix their mistakes can be the best.. This was the whole idea of Apple's press conference dedicated on the iphone 4 reception issues, and because Apple wants iphone 4 users to be happy it offered them free cases.

Although "there's no perfect phone" as Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs said; we've never heard of another phone dropping calls when held in the most natural of ways. Apparently the iphone 4 reputation has been nearly ruined by its incorrect signal representation and  its easily accessible weak spot.

Steve Jobs assured that only a minor portion (about 0.5%) of iphone 4 users were troubled by its flawed antenna design and complained directly to Apple about reception issues. Of course those lucky enough to live in an area with strong signal will be the less affected by it, but what about those who are less lucky?!

At least Apple decided to do the decent thing and give a free case to every iPhone 4 user. Plus they are willing to waive the restocking fee for everyone who wants to return the handset in the next 30 days. So users will have some kind of choice.

That's all for now, we’ll keep you posted when we get more related information and of course we will continue hoping that Apple come up with a solution and fix the problem in some future batch of handsets.

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