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Samsung and Sony Ericsson drop support for Symbian

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Last Thursday Samsung announced that by the end of December it will close its Symbian dedicated forums and developers' websites and will remove all Symbian-related documentation from its servers. And "ALL" means "ALL".

The news follows by about a week Sony Ericsson's decision to similarly drop support for Symbian as it has no future plans on developing Symbian handsets. Neither handset maker had been hugely invested in releasing Symbian devices, but they had helped broaden the base of the platform, whose leading proponent is Nokia, the world's largest handset maker.

But unlike Sony Ericsson, Samsung acts far more aggressively and it seems like it wants to erase the Symbian print from its history. And the Symbian termination will start on 29 October with the close of its developer section on the Samsung Mobile Innovator website. Then on 30 and 31 December all forums and data will go down.

Both Samsung and Sony Ericsson are now free to focus on Android and the new Windows Phone 7, which will be launched this fall, but they are clearly not sending the right message with their actions. You can't just turn your back on a smartphone platform you've used on your high-end devices. Should we start worrying they might as well ditch Android or even WP7 in a year or two?

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