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2010 Q4 Report, Grate Samsung, HTC and Apple results

Thursday, February 3, 2011
2010 Has ended and reports of financial revenues have been out, the leading companies this quarter was Apple, HTC and Samsung.


The results of this quarter beat analysts' predictions as well as Apple's own predictions, Apple sold 16.24 million iPhones or 86% more than what it pushed the same quarter one year ago. 7.33 million iPads went of the shelves for these three months, Over 4 million computers  were sold thanks to new MacBook Air and Pro.

In terms on money - $26.74 billion in revenue, $6 billion in quarterly profits and $6.43 earnings per share. Although the gross margin fell to 38.5% (compared to 40.9% for last year) but that was still higher than expected. Another important percentage marks 62% of sales coming from outside the US.


The financial results on the last quarter of 2010 have surpassed HTC’s own forecasts. HTC has shipped a total of 9.1 million units, which, compared to the same period last year, is an increase of 163%. The result is US$3.57 billion worth of revenue. This is an impressive 153% more than the last year’s Q4.

HTC really stepped up their game in 2010 and this shows in the annual balances. The company shipped 24.6 million units during 2010, compared to 11.7 million in 2009. Their revenue went up to $7 billion and as for the profits, they are calculated at $1.3 billion.


Samsung’s mobile division has generated some $10.9 billion of revenue and $1.3 billion of profit in the last three month alone, (where they have shipped 80.7 million units for the quarter, up 17% over Q4 2009.), which represent respectively 19% and 38% increase over the year-ago quarter for the revenue and profit.

For the full 2010 the company reported a total of $37 billion of revenue and $3.9 of operating profit, with total sales for 2010 of 280 million units (a 23% percent growth)

Sony Ericsson:

Sony Ericsson shipped 11.2 million units during Q4 for a total of $2 billion in sales. The gross margin stayed at 30%. Still, the operating margin was just 3% and the net income for the quarter was just 8 million, driving the net income for the year to $117 million.

There were heavy changes that took place in the company - it consolidated its facilities and reduced its workforce by about 4,000 people. The overall cost of the restructuring charges for the year was $495 million but they reduced operating expenses by over $1.144 billion. In short Sony Ericsson estimates their world-wide market share in Q4 2010 as 3% in terms of units shipped and 5% in value.


Motorola suggest the worst might already be behind the company. With $2.4 billion sold mobile phones and generated $72 million of net profit. Those numbers compare very favorably to the $1.8 billion revenue and $132 of loss that the company scored in the last quarter of 2009. Reduction of loss for the full 2010 down to "only" $86 million, in comparison of $1.3 billion lost in 2009 (that is improvement).

In Q4 of 2010 Motorola shipped 11.3 million handsets (including 4.9 million smartphones) bringing the full 2010 tally to 37.3 million.


things are not going well for the company’s mobile division. The company sold $2.96 billion worth of devices, which is an increase of 12% percent compared to Q3 2010, but it's still some 15.2 percent lower than the revenue scored from handsets in Q4 2009. What's worse, LG is still in the red zone with a loss of $232 million.

The overall shipment of phones has increased by 8 percent over Q3 2010 with a total of 30.6 million units shipped in Q4. This is 10% less than the number of units shipped for the same quarter for 2009.
For 2010 LG total revenue from handsets is $11.4 billion, which is a whopping 24.9% decrease over 2009.


Nokia has had a tough 2010, In Q4 2010 Nokia shipped a total of 123.7 million devices, 28.3 million of which were smartphones. The number of smartphones alone grew by over a third compared to a year ago, but their Average Selling Price (ASP) fell by 17% down to $202. The ASP for feature phones however rose to $56 (as compared to $52 in Q4 2009).

Nokia scored a total of $16.446 million for Q4 2010. this estimates put Nokia's global market share at 32% for the whole 2010 (in 2009 that number was 34%). 2010 as a whole marked a 5% increase in sales compared to 2009, but operating profit fell 0.5%, with operating margin going from 11.9% down to 11.3%.

Q4 also marked some major changes for the company – where Nokia sold off its wireless modem business for $191 million and the Symbian Foundation was put under Nokia control. Ovi Store achieved 4 million downloads per day (compared to 2.7 million a day in October 2010).

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