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Flexible Smartphone to arrive soon

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Samsung and Nokia has announced in practically the same time a new technology to achieve flexible Smartphones that will be adopting in a short period of time.

Samsung says that it plans to have mobile phones with bendable displays on the market as soon as next year.also they mentioned they will bring the technology to tablets and other devices after phones. Samsung's flexible displays will likely be OLED screens, as it has shown off demo versions of curved OLED screens in hard cases in the past.

Nokia has presented a flexible mobile model  in its “Nokia World 2011” at London’s Excel Centre, talking about some of the features that were shown of using a flexible Smartphone,The user will control this flexible phone by bending, twisting and even squeezing it. Also it can be used as a security function so that the phone will only work when it recognizes the user grip.It will be very easy to fit these devices into the curve of a car dashboard, also they fit in your pocket perfectly because they will mould to your shape. The total lack of buttons will make it simple to waterproof these devices.

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