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Blakberry Tablet OS2.0

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
When RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet first made the scene in 2011, it arrived without any standalone apps for e-mail, contacts, or calendar. RIM stated the omission was a deliberate security measure that allowed its predominantly corporate clientele to adopt the device immediately without any additional risk. Instead put the option of securely pairing the tablet with their BlackBerry smartphone for temporary access e-mail, contacts, and calendar information on their tablet. 

This issue will be overcome in February when RIM is going to launch PlayBook OS 2.0 update with dedicated apps for e-mail, contacts, and calendar.

Some additional features this update will bring includes: multitasking bar, Music store, social media integration in the e-mail, calendar and contacts, in addition of that BlackBerry phones can now be used as a remote control for the PlayBook: users can mouse around with the touchscreen or trackpad, and enter text with the physical keyboard.

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