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Blackberry 10 sneak peek

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yesterday RIM has demonstrated key features of the upcoming Blackberry 10, which its first handset will be available next fall.


Three features were focused on in the demo, the first one is the Flow UI were you can glans at all the open application be simply swiping the application that you are on and you will see what is happening in the other apps without the need to leave the one you are working on.

                                        BB10 soft keyboard

The second feature which is the new soft keyboard from RIM, where improved gestures were added to it, for example Swiping to the left across the keyboard deletes your last input for instance, while swiping up changes to the numeric/symbol keyboard. That same swipe up gesture is used when the keyboard attempts to guess the word you’re typing, users will be able to send those guessed words flying into their messages by swiping from where the word appears over keys.

                                   BB10 time wrap

The last feature is a camera feature, and it an amazing one, it is a time warp function, if you took a photo where one or more person had blinked,  you can scroll a few second backward to get the best shot.

It looks like RIM had put lots of effort  in its new OS, waiting for the hardware specs of the handset to emerge to see if the new device will rise up to strong competition from the other industries giants.

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