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"Whack off the phone" Patent

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It seems like Microsoft has applied for a new patent for “Whacking off you phone”, it is a new innovation that let you in the future to smack your phone to silence it, Microsoft's filing states that "There are a variety of circumstances under which it may be desirable to quickly control a device without having to interact with a traditional user interface. For example, often mobile device users forget to set their mobile devices in a silent or vibrate mode and the device rings or makes sounds at an inopportune moment."

Microsoft's states that the types of audio signals that could be silenced by a whacking event include any of the following: a ringing, a ringtone, user-initiated audio, a tone, a played recording, an alarm, or the like. The audio signal could be in response to or indicate an incoming call, a message, an update, a reminder for a meeting or event, the playing of music or recording, or the like.

There is multiple situation that I can think of in which this new technology will be very useful and life saving

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